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bdsm  24/7


bdsm sex slave e

female erotic masochist
extreme bdsm slave
The Fabulous and Enchanting e.

slave e's 24/7 life of  bdsm
This is a consensual bdsm story.
It is the life of a bdsm sex slave - consensual, erotic, willing and eager.
The captivating extreme bdsm sex slave e.

Thousands of original authentic real life bdsm pictures and video clips
 of slave e with accompanying narratives:


The best way to enjoy the  bdsm247 website  and get the most out of it is to take your time.  The picture sequences and missives are dated and tell a continually evolving story -- the story of e and I and our bdsm relationship.   Start at the beginning, the earliest date - towards the bottom of the left hand navigation frame, and work your way up to the present with side journeys to various related subjects and to the general picture galleries.  The general picture galleries are thousands of specially selected  bdsm related pictures sorted by subject area.  There are video clips scattered appropriately throughout the site.

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This website is best viewed using a 19 inch or larger monitor.  It is not designed for smaller  display screens such as smartphones.

e and I are thankful for your support.  Without your membership, and thereby support, we would not be able to bring this website to you and keep it vital.

And in further appreciation of those members who are sustaining members, members with 3 months or more of membership, and sustaining members+, members with 6 months or more of membership, their are exclusive areas which have special features and thousands of additional pictures.

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If you would like to use any of the pictures on this page for redistribution over the internet to adult sex oriented groups and adult sex oriented websites, you may if you do not alter the pictures and if you do not remove the website address notice on the picture.  We would appreciate your helping us to spread the word about the website by doing so. However, no other permissions are expressed or  implied.    Your private and personal use and viewing is the only other right granted.   Do not distribute any of these pictures or text to minors.

e and I are very happy with our lives. We work hard at making a happy life for ourselves and each other. e and I would like to take this moment to express our appreciation to everyone who enjoys our postings and particularly to those who have written and corresponded with us. We really appreciate everyone's encouragements, acknowledgements and correspondence, and look forward to the continuing exchange.

And, importantly, e and I wish to thank everyone for their support of our site by being members.

We are grateful to our customers.  YOU..

Thank YOU for your continuing encouragement and contribution by being a member.

And in further appreciation of those members who are Seniority members -- members after 3 months of membership, and Sustaining members -- members after 6 months of membership, there are exclusive areas which have special features and thousands of additional pictures.  Approximately 40% of the website pages are Seniority and Sustaining member areas/pages.

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bondage and discipline of a female bdsm sex slave --
 erotic, eager and willing.

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