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BDSM 24/7 

 J & e's bdsm 24/7 website:


THESE ARE volunteered testimonials from members.
(posted here with their respective permission)
 We are grateful to our members for their support.

e and i hope you will join

     "We're big fans of Joshua and e's site, which so beautifully captures the very best in a full-time BDSM relationship. The fun and love and excitement  you share is evident in every picture. We also appreciate your sense of style and the consistently high level of erotic heat in the play you show us. This is truly what BDSM sex-play is all about. We'd love for every player in the scene to visit your site for inspiration."
     Ernest Greene (executive editor TABOO magazine and renown bdsm video/film director)
and Nina Hartley (sex/porn film Star and sex advocate) 

 " I am enjoying the posts and pics greatly...I am impress by the quality of the work you are doing as much as I am by the subject matter... I am using your site as training for ME.  My slave lives east of you in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada ..  We are going to go Real-time this summer and hope to use what I learn here. THANK YOU BOTH SO VERY Much "
     Morpheus  (email Mobeus at )

     "You have the most erotic site I have ever seen.  It is so nice that the underlying aesthetic of your site is beauty, the underlying values are ethical and moral, and the underlying motive is love. The warmth and love you project on this exceptionally erotic site is such a refreshing alternative to the guilty attitude suffusing "pornography" everywhere you look. Your images are intense enough to engender all the erotic charge  someone may want.  Keeps Me "coming" back for more! Keep up the good work."
     Denverexec  (email Denverexec at )

      "I absolutely LOVE the website, it is GREAT, You two are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB. Can't think of anything I would change, or add. Am amazed at the amount of weight that e can support from her flesh tunnels. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated. bdsm the way it should be."
Mike (email Mike at )

"You have an absolutely superb site.  My congratulations to you on the site, but more importantly , congratulations on the obviously coherent relationship that you have established with one another.  My compliments.Stryder (email Stryder at  )

     AWOW, you two are really neat. Wonderful playmates and have a super site. It is full of fantasy enhancements for me! ...thanks for letting me be a part of your world...and keep up the terrific job!"
     Rich  STL, Mo    (email Rich at

     AThe two of you have done such a wonderful job with all of the narratives and the website, that one feels as if they know you personally. As I said, what has always appealed to me about your postings is not so much the master/slave relationship, but rather just the relationship itself. The caring you both have for each other shows through.@
     Red Head (email RedHead at

     AMaster Joshua and e: You did it!  you e have for me something very special. I can't put my finger on it (or any other body part for that matter!) but whatever it is you have, it jumps from the page to the viewer. It is I suppose your power, your raw sensuality, and grace. Master Joshua, keep taking such wonderful pictures. The site is looking great.... Peace, grace and wild, wonderful, exciting, love. . .@
     Glaurung (email Glaurung at )

     "I really enjoy your web site. I've been "surfing" the web since before it was called surfing, and have visited and joined many "adult" sites over the years; however, I must compliment you on your "personal touch" and excellent content. I definitely want to become a "sustaining member"!
Marc  (email Marc at  )

Thanks for a creating your classy website and sharing your D/s lives. As a dom man in the Boston area I enjoy the endless clever ways that J has allowed e to fully explore her submissive side. The great thought and care taken in your approach to your BDSM relationship is evident in everything on your site. Keep up the great work!"
     LDL  'Boston dom'

     "How great it has been to join the other members of this site. Two wonderful people have come together to share a life of exotic imagination and erotic real life experiences and then exhibit and share this wonder.  e is a lovely, experienced and truly submissive slave to her master. Joshua is an imaginative,
disciplined and capable Master. As one that knows the pleasure of a submissive I appreciate the work that has been done to start and keep this site open and of such high quality.  Here's to a great place to visit."
     The Editor (The Abstract News)(email The editor at

"After coming across pictures of the Lovely e some time ago while surfing the web, I was very pleased to find out about and join your website and have not been disappointed. This web site is fantastic and having the long term members sections is a real plus. I particularly enjoy the video clips of e and wish for even more of them. The clips showcase e's sparkling personality and give a glimpse of her inner beauty. Her outer beauty is something to behold, also. I have downloaded the clips of e dancing, both with and without the clothespins, and look at them on a regular basis.  The still pics of e, as well as your other contributors, add to my enjoyment. I find the scope and variety to be exceptional. I highly recommend this site to any and all who may have even the slightest interest in this lifestyle."
     Art (email Art at  )

"Yours is still the best value for the money fetish/adult site that I've ever signed up for.  In fact, yours is the only one I have a sustained subscription to; most sites I cancel after a month or two, because they are so disappointing for the price they charge.  The enjoyment and love that each of you give and receive in this lifestyle shines through your photos.  And may I say that e is an incredibly attractive woman, exceptionally so when you find out her age (53).  I was stunned when I found out!  Love the glasses!"
    Roger  (email Roger at )

    "I have watched with great interest the latest series of picture stories and in particular those that begin at 062209. The MOV 00848 – 00849 is exceptional as well in expressing  e’s  blatant sexual character of exhibitionism. I would like to applaud your skill and dedication Joshua, in bringing your slave to this level of perfection. I think I know how justifiably proud you must be of her.
    What I find unique about the movie set is the wanton and unselfconscious willingness to display herself and that lovely one-of-a-kind (at least in my experience) sex organ to the observer for their gratification and comment. She knows of the sexual interest she can generate with this enticing display.  I hope you will in the future make a longer video of the same sort of showing, and perhaps let the watcher hear her responses to your direction.
    It is my opinion, formed over the many years since the founding of the website, that this Master and slave relationship is really one of a kind. There is no brutality involved, nothing degrading, humiliation is not used to excess and the exhibitionism is shared with an evident pleasure by the slave.  The comments recorded by   e  on the site attest to her acceptance and willingness to be the submissive partner in this relationship. The superb maintenance of his slave’s body and skill at training and showing her says a great deal about Master Joshua’s husbandry of this ‘prize mare’.  
   In the series ‘Chained Cunt’, the smoothness and healthy condition that  e’s  cunt maintains is singularly striking and this is enhanced further by the large size of the piercing and metal that she carries. As you transition to the ‘Inverted’ series the planned ‘stringing’ of the cunt lips is evident and the load applied to stretch her ringed lips is quite remarkable."

The Editor (The Abstract News)(email The editor at

Thanks for the great site you made , so much information .
 Its a very good explained ! Great picture's and video's !  I love the piercing and the use of them of e !
For many year i see them on all free sites but that are only Pictures now i can read the story behind and thats very good I am 39 and 5.5 years very active in Bdsm but i have still a lot to learn and your site is a good reference !   Sorry for the bad English

Anvil76 from Belgium .



 unsolicited correspondence from  internet e-group folks

"e is stunning as always,... You really take superb photos....."

WOW e is wonderful. I love the way that her new discs stretch her pussy lips ‑ they look fantastic ‑ and her asshole is soooo cute.  Thanks
TF  'tfuk64'


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