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BDSM  24/7
Bondage and Discipline
The female extreme bdsm sex slave e

 This is real bdsm 24/7
The bdsm story of
the Fabulous Enchanting bdsm sex slave e,
a female erotic masochist slave.

 e's life of extreme bdsm
There is pussy stretching, pussy weighting and pumping, bdsm sex and much more -
Extreme bondage and discipline. The submission and training of female bdsm sex slave e,
24/7 Male Master J and female bdsm slave e

Thousands of original authentic real life pictures and video clips
 of slave e with accompanying narratives:



Introduction 1 of 3:

e  and I are committed, with your support,  to bringing you the best  bdsm 24/7 membership site.    We will focus on a number of things which we believe will provide you something of unique value and interest:

    Thousands of quality photos  produced with love,  care, and an effort to get better all the time;

    A clean, simple, and useful website;

    A website designed to be efficient and as fast as possible for the end user;
        (Though, this page will load a good deal slower than the rest because of the non-thumbnail picture above.)

    The full range of our bdsm 24/7 relationship and its process;

    Narrative support and information - about what we do, what we are about, how we do things, and why.

e-log-japanese-rope-342.jpg (69828 bytes)

This website is best viewed using a 19 inch or larger monitor.  It is not designed for smaller  display screens such as smartphones.

Though some of what we do may be intense and extreme for some, and not extreme enough for others, it is the entirety of our relationship and its process that we strive to bring you, in the best ways we can, which makes this worth your membership and there are LOTS of very hot pictures - thousands  :)

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Our website is extensive.  It is about extreme bdsm extreme s/m  whipping and discipline of a female bdsm sex slave  - consensual, willing and eager, slave e. This is the life of  real bdsm 24/7.  of slave e, a female submissive erotic masochist slave. 
There is d/s and  s/m,  pussy stretching, pussy weighting
, pumping and much more. There are thousands of pictures of e, with missives on our bdsm 24/7 life, and video clips of e, in addition to related pages of bdsm information.

e and I designed and worked on the site for thousands of hours and continue to put large amounts of time and energy into it, updating it regularly. We hope you will join us. Your support is important--without it, we will not be able to bring you the BDSM247 website. We strive to bring our members the very best bdsm 24/7 website possible and have committed ourselves with your support to bringing it to you.

And in further appreciation of those members who are Seniority members, members after 3 months of membership, and Sustaining members, members after 6 months of membership, there are exclusive areas which have special features and thousands of additional pictures.  Approximately 40% of the website pages are Seniority and Sustaining member areas/pages.

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If you would like to use any of the pictures on this page for redistribution over the internet to adult sex oriented groups and adult sex oriented websites, you may if you do not alter the pictures and if you do not remove the website address notice on the picture.  We would appreciate your helping us to spread the word about the website by doing so. However, no other permissions are expressed or implied.    Your private and personal use and viewing is the only other right granted.  Do not distribute any of these pictures or text to minors.

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The bdsm story of
 Fabulous Enchanting bdsm slave e,
a female submissive erotic masochist extreme bdsm sex slave.
bdsm consensual, eager and willing.




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