Our website is about extreme bdsm.   The life of a real female slave in bdsm 24/7.  The training, discipline and whipping of a female slave , fem/sub, - slave e.  This is the life of slave e - a submissive erotic masochist female slave.  There is d/s and  s/m,  pussy stretching and pussy torture and much more.  There are thousands of pictures of e, with missives on our bdsm 24/7 life, and video clips of e.  There are related pages about equipment, piercing, laser hair removal and other bdsm related things of interest.  

e and I designed and worked on the site for thousands of hours and continue to put large amounts of time and energy into it, updating it regularly (on average every 5 to 6 days). We strive to bring our members the very best -- interesting and exciting -- bdsm 24/7 website possible. 

And:  in further appreciation of those members who are sustaining members, members after 3 months of membership, and sustaining members+, members after 6 months of membership, their are exclusive areas which have special features and thousands of additional pictures.  Approximately 40% of the website pages are sustaining member areas/pages. membership is $18.95 per month...

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